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Category Icon 01WMS: Installing, Upgrading, Removing (1)
Questions about installing and uninstalling Code Factory products for Windows Mobile Smartphones
Category Icon 02WMS: Activation and Licensing (5)
Questions about obtaining trial and commercial licenses for Code Factory's WM Smartphone products
Category Icon 03WMS: Text-to-Speech Engines (2)
Questions specifically about TTS voices supported by Mobile Speak for Windows Mobile Smartphones.
Category Icon 04WMS: Applications Available on Windows Mobile Smartphones (2)
Questions about how to access Smartphone applications bundled with Windows Mobile.
Category Icon 05WMS: Compatible Third-Party Applications for Windows Mobile SmartPhones (1)
Questions about using MSS with WM smartphone applications from other software developers.
Category Icon 06WMS: Code Factory Mobile Tools for Windows Mobile Smartphones (0)
Questions about Code Factory applications bundled with MSS or are available as extra utilities.
Category Icon 07WMS: Mobile Magnifier SmartPhone (1)
Questions about Code Factory's screen magnification software for Windows Mobile Smartphones
Category Icon 08WMS: Mobile Speak and Braille devices (0)
Questions about using Mobile Speak SmartPhone with a Braille input/output device.
Category Icon 09WMS: Supported Hardware Accessories (0)
Questions about using other hardware such as external keyboards and headsets with WM Smartphones running MSS
Category Icon 10WMS: Advanced MSS and Windows Mobile Configurations (1)
Questions about tweaking Pocket PCs and using advanced MSS features.
Category Icon 11-WMS: Scripts Used by Mobile Speak for Windows Mobile Smartphones (0)
Questions about how to develop MSS scripts for Windows Mobile Smartphones
Category Icon 12-WMS: Currently Known Issues (0)
Problems identified in the current public version of Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier for Windows Mobile Smartphones that will be addressed in a future release.

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General questions regarding Code Factory's products for devices based on the Standard/Smartphone edition of the Windows Mobile operating system

There were 3 questions found in this category:

  1. questionMy device is not connecting to ActiveSync. Why?
    Most cases of ActiveSync 4.x USB connection problems are caused by Windows desktop firewall applications or applications that manipulate network traffic. These applications conflict with the TCP traffic between your device and the PC, causing data transfer and connection issues. Please check th ...
  2. questionWhat is ActiveSync?
    ActiveSync is the program that allows you to synchronize data and information between your desktop computer and your Windows Mobile device. Mobile Speak Pocket and Mobile Speak Smartphone are installed on your device from your PC by using ActiveSync. More information about ActiveSync can be foun ...
  3. questionWhat is the difference between a Pocket PC phone and a Windows Mobile SmartPhone?
    Please refer to this page for a description of these differences.