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Category Icon 01S60: Installing, Upgrading, Removing (0)
Questions about the process of installing and uninstalling Symbian applications from Code Factory.
Category Icon 02S60: Activation and Licensing (1)
Questions about obtaining trial and commercial licenses for Symbian products.
Category Icon 03S60: Text-to-Speech Engines (0)
Questions specifically about TTS voices supported by Mobile Speak for Symbian Phones.
Category Icon 04S60: Code Factory Products on Symbian 9 Phones (0)
Questions specifically about using Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier on phones based on the Symbian 9 operating system.
Category Icon 05S60: Compatible Third-party Applications (0)
Questions about how Mobile Speak works with applications from other Symbian software developers.
Category Icon 06S60: Code Factory Mobile Tools for Symbian Series 60 (0)
Questions about the applications developed by Code Factory which come bundled with Mobile Speak or are available as extra utilities.
Category Icon 07S60: Mobile Magnifier for Symbian Phones (10)
Questions about the screen magnification software for the Symbian Series 60 platform.
Category Icon 08S60: Mobile Speak and Braille Devices (0)
Questions about using a Braille input/output device with a Symbian phone running Mobile Speak.
Category Icon 09S60: Supported Hardware Accessories (0)
Questions about using other hardware such as external keyboards, headsets, GPS receivers, etc. with phones running Mobile Speak.
Category Icon 10-S60: Currently Known Issues (0)
Problems identified in the current public version of Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier for Symbian Phones that will be addressed in a future release.

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General questions regarding Code Factory products that run on mobile phones based on the Series 60 platform of the Symbian operating system.

There were 6 questions found in this category:

  1. questionCan I change Mobile Speak user profiles on the fly?
    Yes. It is possible to change the active user profile anywhere by using the Edit+Clear (delete key) command. Note that this is not the same as phone profiles used to set the phone in Silent, Meeting or Outdoor mode, for example, where ringtone and message tone settings are configured differently ...
  2. questionHow do I find out the firmware or ROM version on my phone?
    To determine the version and date of the firmware or ROM currently on the phone, enter *#0000# at the main dialing screen. There is no need to press the Dial/Send key.
  3. questionHow do I find out the IMEI number of my phone?
    To get the IMEI (serial number) of the phone, enter *#06# at the main dialing screen. There is no need to press the Dial/Send key. Note that your phone's serial number is not the same as the Mobile Speak serial number that you need to provide your dealer or email to in orde ...
  4. questionHow do I format the memory card?
    Although you may have a memory card reader that allows you to use your PC to copy files to and from your phone's memory card, as well as to format the card, it is strongly advised that you format the memory card using your phone's own utility to avoid problems where the card will be in a format ...
  5. questionhow do I reformat the phone if it would not boot/power up?
    If the phone cannot be powered on even if the battery is fully charged, or if it gets stuck in the boot-up process, reformatting it may help solve this problem. To reformat the phone: Turn off the phone if it is powered on but stuck in the boot-up screen. Press and hold the 3, star/asterisk, an ...
  6. questionMy phone still can still boot/power up, but I wish to format it to restore to its factory defaults. How do I do this?
    Reformatting the phone will not only revert your phone's settings to factory defaults, but will also erase user data saved on the phone such as messages, contacts, appointments, etc. The following instructions apply only if the phone can still be powered on and that it completes the boot-up proc ...