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Vocalizer is an embedded Text-to-Speech engine that provides expressive and natural sounding voices in over 40 languages.

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  1. questionCan I temporarily disable or enable the user dictionary with Vocalizer?
    Vocalizer provides a user dictionary check box in the settings screen to let user enable or disable processing of words according to the defined dictionary entries.
  2. questionHow can I import / export or share Vocalizer dictionary?
    Vocalizer provides an import option for it's dictionary so that user can do the following things: - Share Vocalizer dictionary with Friends. - Import other user Vocalizer dictionary. - Import JAWS Eloquence dictionary. - Import ETI-Eloquence for Android Dictionary. Please note, the import functi ...
  3. questionHow Emoji character / icon work?
    Here are some short tips and instructions to follow and improve the experience: - Go to your phone settings > Language and Input. Make sure you have iWnn IME check box enabled. - You can also have other keyboards enabled (as many as you wish) to use and select any one of them as your default inp ...
  4. questionHow to download or install to try for free with Vocalizer voices?
    Vocalizer V1.0.4 Released Inbox x Mukesh Sharma 30 Mar (2 days ago) to eyes-free Dear All, We have just released Vocalizer for Android version 1.0.4 with the following changes: - Vocalizer TTS now offers a 7-day trial period where you can test all the voices you want without any limits! - Added ...