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Why did the trial license on my device expire before the 30-day period ended?

The trial license will expire if the date and time on the device moved back to an earlier setting. As a security against attempts to make it seem as though the 30-day evaluation period is not yet over, the trial license will stop working if:
  1. You pulled out the battery of the device to reset it, and doing so caused the date and time to revert to firmware defaults.
  2. You manually changed the date and time for whatever reason.
  3. You connected the device to your PC with a standard ActiveSync connection, which synchronized the date and time between the device and the PC, but when you disconnected your device, it updated the date and time again according to the setting for the cell phone network which is earlier than what is set on your PC (happens to some T-Mobile and Cingular users).
  4. You moved to a place with a different time zone and the time and date on the phone was updated automatically through the netwowrk or by manual setting.

Correcting the time and date on the device will not reactivate the trial license. You need to activate it again using Start -> All Programs -> Code Factory -> Mobile Speak Pocket/SmartPhone [TTS Name] -> Remote Product Activation on your PC while the device is connected via ActiveSync. The trial license will not start counting from Day 1 but will continue working for the actual remaining days

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