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My phone still can still boot/power up, but I wish to format it to restore to its factory defaults. How do I do this?

Reformatting the phone will not only revert your phone's settings to factory defaults, but will also erase user data saved on the phone such as messages, contacts, appointments, etc. The following instructions apply only if the phone can still be powered on and that it completes the boot-up process.
  • To reformat the phone (Nokia): enter *#7370# at the main dialing screen.
  • To reformat the phone (Panasonic X700): enter **7370# at the main dialing screen.
There is no need to press the Dial/Send key. You will be prompted to key in the phone's PIN code to initiate the formatting.

When the phone has been successfully reformatted, you will be prompted to configure some settings such as the date and time. Keep in mind that if you have a Symbian 9.x phone, it is important that before you install Mobile Speak or any other third-party application, you should first set the correct date and time, and make sure that in Options > Settings of the App. Manager, "Software Installation" is set to ON while "Online Certificate Check" is set to OFF.

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