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How do I format the memory card?

Although you may have a memory card reader that allows you to use your PC to copy files to and from your phone's memory card, as well as to format the card, it is strongly advised that you format the memory card using your phone's own utility to avoid problems where the card will be in a format that the phone cannot access. To do this:
  1. Activate the shortcut to the Memory application. Its location varies depending on the phone and language.
  2. Open the Options menu by pressing the left softkey (button1).
  3. Select Format mem. card. You will be asked to confirm the action you wish to perform.
Note that you do not need to format the memory card regularly. Formatting is only necessary if the memory card is causing problems like preventing the phone from booting up, because files stored on the memory card, particularly those associated with programs installed to the memory card, have been corrupted or are triggering a boot-up error.

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