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What menu options are available in Notes app Directory window of Mobile Accessibility for Android?

New Note: Allow creating a new note / txt file and opens blank note window. Enter Filter Text Edit Field: The edit box can be used to search file / folder in the current directory. Use the virtual keyboard or the physical keyboard to type the file / folder you would like to search. Once you enter the text, use slide / arrow down to view the filtered list. Go Up Directory: The option allow you to go back a level up in the directory structure. List of Folder and Files: The list contains all the folder in alphabetic order and then has the list of all Plain text files in alphabetic order. It is important to note that the list only has plain text files that can be opened by Notes application. Menu Option: Use Triple tap or the menu key to explore the below options 1. New Note: Allow creating a new note / txt file and opens blank note window. 2. Open: Allow opening the selected file / folder in the list. 3. Create Directory: Open a dialog prompt with edit box to type Folder Name. By default a new name is proposed as Directory (n) where n is a number that increase automatically if the proposed name has been used in the current directory. For instance if you have folder as Directory1 the new name will be Directory2. After typing the name in the edit box, select the OK button to confirm. 4. Rename File / Rename Directory: A dialog appear with the file / Directory name in the edit box. Edit the name as required and select the OK button to confirm. 5. Delete File / Delete Directory: A dialog asking to confirm the deletion, select OK button to confirm or use back / select cancel button to discard the action and return to the File / Folder list. 6. Exit: Use the option to close and return to MA Home Screen.

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