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How can I import / export or share Vocalizer dictionary?

Vocalizer provides an import option for it's dictionary so that user can do the following things: - Share Vocalizer dictionary with Friends. - Import other user Vocalizer dictionary. - Import JAWS Eloquence dictionary. - Import ETI-Eloquence for Android Dictionary. Please note, the import function allow importing of .txt, .jdf, .dct and .CDF files. Also note, Vocalizer saves all dictionary entries that it creates in the file named VOCMAIN_Language_Region.CFD in the VocalizerTTS folder located in the device external storage. To share your dictionary with other user, simply copy the desired .CFD file from your device and send it to the person you want to share it. You can also use the Export option to share the dictionary directly via standard communication channel for file transfer (including Email, Skype, Google Drive). You may wish to rename the file so that it do not create conflict with the user existing file. To import a dictionary file, simply copy the file to VocalizerTTS folder in your device and use the option import. When selecting the option, it presents the list of all languages for which at least one voice is purchased and downloaded. Selecting a language in the list will present the list of file that it find valid for import purpose. Important: duplicate entries are automatically ignored when importing dictionary files.

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