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How Emoji character / icon work?

Here are some short tips and instructions to follow and improve the experience: - Go to your phone settings > Language and Input. Make sure you have iWnn IME check box enabled. - You can also have other keyboards enabled (as many as you wish) to use and select any one of them as your default input method. - There is one setting provided in each input method, something like switch to other input method. You must enable this option to let it show the button to switch between different input methods, and this should be done for all the input method you have enabled. - On some devices, the iWnn IME is not available. There you can select Google Input method and then select the Emoji button just next to the edit box. In this case, we have observed that Talkback doesnt announce the Emoji when explore by touch is used, however Talkback will announce the Emoji when they are selected or when it is received in an incoming message.

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