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How to download or install to try for free with Vocalizer voices?

Vocalizer V1.0.4 Released Inbox x Mukesh Sharma 30 Mar (2 days ago) to eyes-free Dear All, We have just released Vocalizer for Android version 1.0.4 with the following changes: - Vocalizer TTS now offers a 7-day trial period where you can test all the voices you want without any limits! - Added an option in the settings screen to delete trial voices (not purchased voices). - Added an indicator of the days left in trial when downloading a trial voice (using the Try for free! button) and in the About screen. - When a voice is already installed, now it's deleted before downloading it again. - Fixed an issue with Cantonese Sin-Ji voice. Working with Trial Voices: Before starting on how the trial voices work, it's good to note some facts: - Trial voices are available for 7 days from the day you install the application for the first time. - Within the trial period, one can download and install as many voices as desired. One can even download both quality (Compact and Plus) of the same voice. - There are no restrictions while using any voice in the trial period, it will work exactly the same when purchased. - Once the trial expires, remember to purchase the voice or use the option "Delete Trial voices" from the Vocalizer settings to save space. Step by Step instructions on how to install trial voices: - Install Vocalizer TTS from Android Play store if you don't have it already installed. Check the link: or search for "Vocalizer TTS Voices" - Open Vocalizer TTS, browse the list of supported languages and select the desired one. - Browse the list of voices for the language you selected. Use the 'Listen to a sample' button to listen the sample voice. - Once you decide the voice to try, use the 'Download voice' button. You will be presented with 2 choices, 'Try for free!' and 'Purchase voice'. Select 'Try for Free!'. - A dialog will appear informing about the trial period. Select the download button. - A dialog with the available voice qualities will appear. Select Compact or Plus. - Wait for the download to finish and also for the installation to complete. Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded a trial voice. Repeat the above steps to download more voices. Remember you have 7 days to try any voices you want without any limits. Please note, the newly downloaded voice will be selected as the default voice. To set any voice as default, simply double tap on the voice name. - To delete a trial voice use the 'Delete voice' button next to the voice name. - To delete all trial voices at once, use the option "Delete trial voices" under Vocalizer TTS settings. Please note, once the trial expires, the voice data is not removed automatically. Either you should purchase the voice to continue using the voice or use the above mentioned option.

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